Ai Recolor


Pixelcut is a free online design tool that utilizes AI to simplify the process of creating product photos and ads for your online store. One of its main features is the ability to easily remove backgrounds or erase objects from images. It offers AI-generated backgrounds that can be applied with just a few clicks. The tool also includes AI-powered editing tools for perfecting your photos on your phone. Additionally, Pixelcut provides one-click wonders, such as background removal, magic eraser, and image upscaler, to transform your photos effortlessly. It offers a virtual photo studio, allowing users to create 10 times more product photos without the need for a physical studio or professional photographers. Collaboration is made easy with shared projects and templates that can be accessed and edited by your entire team. With Pixelcut, you can enter a whole new world of photography, capturing stunning shots and unleashing your creativity.