Adflow is an AI tool that specializes in post-transaction advertising, allowing retailers to unlock incremental value and advertisers to skyrocket their conversion rates. The tool enables retailers to customize the post-transaction experience for customers by offering tailored premium offers at the moment of purchase, maximizing their profit. Advertisers, on the other hand, can acquire new customers through exclusive ad inventory and audiences that are primed for purchase. Adflow leverages predictive machine learning to show four relevant offers to each consumer, ensuring personalized interactions. It works by using privacy-safe customer records to match the best offer to each customer, earning revenue through lead referrals, which is then split with the retailers. With a focus on commerce media, adflow aims to deliver better results than other channels, with 70% of advertisers already reporting better results. Overall, adflow provides a win-win situation for both retailers and advertisers, offering a valuable tool to elevate marketing strategies and drive new customer acquisitions.