Active Recall Ai


Active Recall AI is an AI tool that helps users improve their performance in exams or certifications. Users can upload their study material to the tool, which then converts it into micro study sessions by generating quizzes and writing assignments. The tool is designed for users of all ages and offers a 14-day free trial. It has a range of applications, such as helping high school students prepare for exams by generating multiple-choice questions based on the assigned reading material. For nursing students, the tool analyzes source materials to identify crucial medical terminologies and develops essay questions based on real-world medical scenarios. IT professionals studying for cloud certifications can upload study materials and receive tailored question banks and essay prompts to deepen their understanding of AWS services and architectures. Active Recall AI also offers features such as quizzes, writing prompt suggestions, and a chatbot tutor. Pricing plans are available based on token allotments and queue priority.