5-Out is an AI restaurant forecasting tool that utilizes machine learning and predictive analysis to optimize labor and purchasing in order to boost profitability. It integrates various systems including Point of Sale, labor scheduling, purchasing and inventory, weather, social media, ordering, news, and events. The tool predicts what and when the restaurant will sell with up to 98% confidence, up to 21 days in advance. It provides real-time recommendations for staffing and purchasing actions to increase profitability. Lookback reports track performance over time, allowing for more confident decision-making. It offers easy setup and integration with existing systems, and provides real-time insights to identify optimization opportunities. With 5-Out, restaurants can optimize labor scheduling and generate forecasts for purchasing, helping them maximize efficiency and minimize costs. The tool is suitable for various types of restaurants, from quick service and fine casual to fine dining, ghost kitchens, food halls, and bars/cafes. Testimonials highlight its effectiveness in maintaining financial control, saving time, and improving profitability.